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View Diary: Here in my area..Democrats took back their government (11 comments)

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  •  thanks for the story (none)
    this is what gives me hope for the future. and i'm glad that Howard Dean's influence lives on, long after the primaries. was riley's win a formerly GOP seat? Did that district  vote for Bush?

    keep fightin Oregon.

    •  Riley's seat (none)
      ..was formerly held by Gallegos, the woman he defeated (the GOPer).

      What's really crucial about that seat is that it's in a very religious conservative pocket of this region.

      WE CAN DO THIS.  But we need the right model and we must articulate our progressive values and principles.

      •  how did he do it? (none)
        do you have advice for how Democrats can learn from it?


        •  I don't know all of it... (none)
          ...cuz Riley isn't in my district and I wasn't able to observe up close everything that he did.  But I know from reading local news that at the local level, the economy and education were huge issues.

          Riley was able to talk about them in such a way as to put his opponent on the defensive.  School funding is a big problem here and so is the economy (we're in the so-called, "Silicon Forest".  "Good, solid jobs" creation is a key phrase as well as "funding effective schools and funding schools effectively".  Those phrases were used in several campaigns.

          As I mentioned in another comment...Democracy for America really is the place to start in terms of organization.  Get progressives elected at the local level..starting small in places like school boards and city government.  Once they've done a good job and are established, they can move up to the bigger jobs.


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