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View Diary: Proper Framing of the Voting Fraud Issue (130 comments)

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  •  Freedom To Vote Tampering? (none)
    I like the words freedom and patriot - but fraud is out. Tampering might work? Or Freedom to Vote Violation?
    •  Desecration of the vote! (none)
      We must prevent desecration of our civic duties and their outcome.
      •  Might Work (none)
        But why not use a positive on this like "Freedom" Desecration might imply to some that we don't value the vote.
        •  Transparency (none)
          ...the lack of.

          Would you let your bank tally your accounts in secret, with no details--of deposits, withdrawals, interest--available to you upon demand?

          Money is the most sacred thing to most Americans.  With the exception of maybe .01% of the population--a couple of Buddhists and 2 or 3 true Christians--I'll bet 99.99% of the population, including most rightwing Christians, would be more responsive to a money "meme" than to a religious "meme."

          Cynical me.

          (Of course, if the corporate media is to be believed, a lot of fundamentalist Christians voted for a $4 trillion deficit.  Or did they?  Did they even know about it?)

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