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View Diary: Proper Framing of the Voting Fraud Issue (130 comments)

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  •  Where have all the Ohio diaries gone? (none)
    It is important that we post our concerns about both Florida and Ohio voter fraud, particularly the disenfranchisement of African-American citizens.

    We are the barometer.

    Republicans are watching to see if they can cheat with impunity in the future.

    There is a double-standard regarding our willingness to ignore voter fraud issues because Bush "won the popular vote."  Al Gore legitimately won the popular vote by 600,000 in 2000, but this did not faze the Republicans in any way.

    In 2000, we learned that we need not just to win the debates, but to win the spin.

    In 2004, are we willing to learn an even more crucial lesson...

    ...we need not just to win the votes, but to win the cheat.

    By "win the cheat", I mean, make sure that such disgraceful disenfranchisement of voters never happens again to any voter, Republican,  Democrat, Independent...

    We are ensuring that voter fraud will not only happen again, but become a new political art form, by being so complacent about Florida and Ohio.

    There is not one word about voter fraud on the main page postings.

    Michael Moore seems to have gone to his happy place.

    Jimmy Carter has given up on our country's electoral process.

    Bruce Springsteen has moved on to sing other songs.

    But somewhere in Ohio, there is a grandmother who stood in the freezing rain for four-and-a- half hours to vote, and her vote was deliberately not counted, and this is something about which we should all be deeply and profoundly ashamed.

    •  As I explained to the neighbor... (4.00)
      walking the dog past my K/E sign, who asked when I would take it down: When my mom's vote is counted. She stood in the cold rain, sharing coffee and donuts with other grandmothers, for four flipping hours on Tuesday...and was offered a provisional ballot.

      When my mother's vote is counted, that's when I will shut up. Until then, pray for every Republican who crosses my path...

      Bush/Cheney '04: Don't change horsemen in the middle of an apocalypse!

      by PhoenixRising on Sat Nov 06, 2004 at 02:25:29 PM PST

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      •  Why did Kerry concede... (none)
        ...the votes of elderly people before they were counted?  

        Ironically, by conceding so rapidly, he created disillusionment about his candidacy.

        Would Dean have conceded at this point?

    •  Angry Ohioan (none)
      I am an angry Ohioan voter suppression ,election fraud and stolen elections are all I can think about. Where are the thousands of lawyers Kerry and the DNC promised us??If I knew there would not be a quick response to these allegations I would  have spent all my $ and many hours of GOTV volunteering on election fraud protection but I thought the 1,000's of lawyers were ready to act. Where are they????? What's the point of GOTV if the votes aren't counted??

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