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View Diary: Proper Framing of the Voting Fraud Issue (130 comments)

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    I would say that we are the children of the original "framers" of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence: all men are created equal; defend individual rights, especially freedom of speech and freedom of religion; and keep the powers of government in balance, to fend off tyranny (especially by the president, but ALSO, and very importantly, by the majority--protect the rights of the minority).  

    The discussion of Lakoff and how to frame arguments--immediately above and below in this diary--is deeply interesting to me, and I read every word of it.  

    But don't let it put you off this diary, if you are not interested.  It's relatively short and to the point.  

    I do think the Lakoffians are wrong, finally, in their suggestion that we abandon the word "fraud" in describing this election, because (as I explain more below) I think the first and most important audience for this charge is defrauded Kerry voters, to get them fired up to demand paper trail voting and open source code--and not the mainstream media, or Bush Republicans.  

    The second audience is state election officials (more local, more potentially accountable to voters)--with the mainstream media being only the third priority audience (who likely won't respond to anything BUT a sensational "fraud" charge).  

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