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  •  the three important steps are (none)
    1. keep to our platform.  It  is important that nationally we do NOT move to the right

    2. local elections.  We need to get some local elected officials in the south...that way, people have a face to put on the democratic party.

    3. and probably the most important is MEDIA REFORM!  We need to break up media monopolies.  The rupert Murdocks of this world can't own so many media markets!

    If we can do these things, and I believe can without diluting the national platform, we will be winners...

    Trade with a Democrat

    by xois on Sat Nov 06, 2004 at 11:08:04 AM PST

    •  keep the platform (none)
      but reach out to folks who disagree with parts of it (yes,the choice issue) but may agree w/ most other parts. like i have said, black voters may disagree with parts of it, but they're still hanging around.

      i would be happy if the Dems dropped gun control forever though.

      •  Gun Control is killing us (none)
        We lost Tennesee in 2000 on Gun Control.

        Stick to personal freedom and we win the West.  Pro-choice is a privacy issue.

        Also, we need to uplift everyone poor through education, not racial preferences.  These two issues cost us.

        Lastly, we need a win-win on the environment.  A commitment to rural jobs through ecological restoration would help.

      •  Should stay (none)
        I say keep gun control. The problem is how it is defined and let be defined by GOP. Somehow people don't equate crime and weapons. And in fact all guns are not bad. I am all for hunting just not with pistols and assault rifles.

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