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  •  I'll tell you what it's supposed to accomplish. (4+ / 0-)

    The reasons behind English-only and English-as-official-language are:

    1. Fear/hate of foreign languages and by extension, foreign people.
    1. Feeling of inadequacy at hearing others converse in a language one does not know.

    It's baseline xenophobia and ignorance, and a desire to see them codified into law. That's really all there is to it.

    People who are for that simply want some kind of crutch, some kind of law that affirms for them that knowing and speaking only English somehow makes you a) a true American, b) a truer American than someone whose first language is something else, and c) by extension, a law that affirms their feeling that if you do speak a different language, you are less or not at all American.

    I see 98% of this as fear and hatred of 'teh Mexicans'.

    Which has always made me wonder: if you're that kind of person, if you are so afraid of our country being taken over by 'teh Mexicans' and you really do think they are invading us; if you really do fear that every time you hear them speaking their Spanish, you are so convinced they are talking shit about you behind the language barrier and/or discussing how they are going to carve you up with their switchblade knives and/or cast their evil pagan Black Magic Santeria spells on you and/or how to push their smuggled-in dope on the innocent young children at the elementary school in your neighborhood, wouldn't, I dunno, LEARNING SPANISH SO YOU CAN UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY'RE SAYING be the most obvious way to defend against that?

    It does come from Europe, after all. In theory, it shouldn't make you any less a white person for learning it.

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