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  •  I see why people object, but I still support it (1+ / 0-)
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    I support all kinds of diversity, and I think that one of the most wonderful aspects of our country is that it is a melting pot.  That having been said, one of our greatest cultural and political unifiers as Americans, and simultaneously one of our greatest assets, is the English language.  

    The logical extent of the way things are heading is that all proceedings and interactions, whether in schools, the courts, or congress will have to be conducted in English and Spanish.  This presents considerable problems, both logistical and long term political, just ask Canada or Belgium.

    I think people are too used to the way that old immigration patterns worked out to realize the reality of the current one.  In past waves of immigration, such as in the late 19th / early 20th century, people came to the US from all over speaking all kinds of languages, and were under heavy pressure to learn English, and they did.  Today we see a huge wave of immigration from one linguistic group, Spanish speakers, to the extent that in many parts of America people can live their day to day lives for generations and not know English.  You can work, go to restaurants, stores, supermarkets, and watch TV all in Spanish.  This is all good and fine and fun and exotic until we really ask do we want to be a truly bilingual nation.  For me, the answer is no.

    Other people feel differently and that's fine, but I think it is ridiculous and offensive (and stupid) to automatically assume that anyone who supports official status for English is some ignorant racist or nativist.  I for one can speak Spanish, I have a PhD, my road bike costs more than my car, and I still think we should make English a national unifier.  Spanish will do fine, there are 20 countries where it is the official language.

    All this wasted time learning and acquiring skills... And all along I should have just squinted to see Russia

    by fizziks on Wed Mar 18, 2009 at 12:12:56 AM PDT

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