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View Diary: It's Time - To Break Up California into Smaller States (227 comments)

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  •  Problem is, those "red" areas (2+ / 0-)
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    Hardhat Democrat, Ms Citizen

    contains some of California's most precious natural resources. I for one don't trust them to manage those resources. Particularly water - 80% of which is sucked up by the central valley. How much worse is the water situation going to get with a bunch of wingnuts existentially in charge of the agricultural water policies?

    If the state should be split up for administrative reasons, I can see that, but a more reasonable way to do it would be into two slices, running horizontally. Draw a line from just south of San Luis Obispo to just south of Sacramento. Let Fresno live with LA. Let San Francisco continue to prop up Redding.

    When you start theorizing more than two slices, you typically end up with the political bastions discussed in this diary - and unless we want to throw the red regions to the wolves, we need to resist that temptation.

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