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View Diary: Control Fraud: Obama's Ticking Time Bomb (25 comments)

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  •  But by being secretive, he loses the support of (1+ / 0-)
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    Terra Mystica

    the whole world.  We're all ready to fight for what is right, and instead he's treating us like little children, who can't handle the truth, if he even understands the extent of it.  and if he does understand the extent of it, why hire those who have been at least somewhat complicit in it?

    Why continue to shovel the money in, when there are very credible alternatives?

    Maybe he's right, that not very many people are paying attention to the larger picture (as witnessed by MSM only urging us to support this "economic rape"(KO)), but how cynical is that?  Since you don't know about it, I'll just keep doing it.

    •  Agree. As a general rule I'd like to see the (0+ / 0-)

      perpetrators of a multi $T fraud be raked over the coals of public scrutiny (i.e. the direct approach).  I don't see any way to solve this huge (and likely to occur again) problem without doing so.  But that would make the bank fraud issue all consuming, imho.

      If someone was forcing me to choose, I would say that those trillions could be/could have been used to solve the other problems such as health care.  So we should pursue the transparency as you said, and make sure this doesn't happen again for another 70 years.  I'm just not sure that's the way Obama works, hence the conundrum.

      Yes, it's a very cynical approach. And dangerous.  As you imply, it gives the Rs the opening to be the ones making sense of this to the center-right part of Obama's support.  I think Greenwald, Krugman, and Kuttner have all written something to this effect recently.

      I hope the Congressional Dems get their spines up to give Obama some cover on doing the right thing on this issue.  If they start getting tough the administration can go along on this issue, and still get some of the other things done. If Obama has to be the one getting tough (beside the fact that it's not going to happen with his econ team), I think the other issues are going to get lost in the noise.  So that's where my support/urging goes, to Congress to do the right thing.

      It's a pretty fucked up situation.  (/obvious)

      "Peace be the journey. Cool Runnings!"

      by Terra Mystica on Fri Mar 20, 2009 at 06:42:23 PM PDT

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