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View Diary: A screed on education, schools, Eli Broad, and more? (48 comments)

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  •  the core problems as I see them are (9+ / 0-)

    [1] The utter failure to recognize that a teacher is a professional, every bit as much as a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, an engineer, etc.  Bozos like Broad believe that you can just take any ol' college graduate who has some basic smarts, throw them in a classroom, and you have a teacher.  And they believe that any ol' rich, smart person (e.g., Broad), who has zero experience teaching, can run a school system.

    [2] Misaddressing rants like this, given how pervasive [1] exists throughout the political system in this nation.  For our ire ought not to be directed primarily at people like Broad, but at the very top of our political system, starting with President Obama, who has ignorantly bought into [1].  This fish is definitely rotting from the head, and we have to recognize that.

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