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    ... are just supposed to be approximations of what's being sought, I think. (I'm just guessing. I know nothing about Zen other than what I've read here.)

    But enlightenment, if it's absence of duality, seems an impossibility. Under that definition (absence of duality)enlightenment can't be enjoyed (as opposed to what?) or even perceived (now I'm enlightened, before I wasn't).

    Hofstadter expresses this at the top of page 255:

    Apparently the master wants to get across the idea that an enlightened state is one where the borderlines between self and the rest of the universe are dissolved. This would truly be the end of dualism, for as he says, there is no system left which has a desire for perception. But what is that state if not death? How can a live human being dissolve the border lines between himself and the outside world?

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