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    I've been listening to people here (Northeast Ohio, Cleveland area) say "This is a problem, this is a problem" for decades. All this diary does is once again "This is a problem, this is a problem."

    What ideas do YOU have, or have you heard about? Our local newspaper, the Plainly Republican (Plain Dealer), thinks it's all because Democrats control the county and the solution is to elect Republicans, any Republicans. Given the corruption from 1990-2006 on the state level by a state government entirely controlled by Republicans and their decisions which decimated the economy over  that time (most of Ohio never came out of the recession of 1991-92 — ever), that doesn't seem like a serious solution.

    Locally, however, some Democrats are ceding to the inevitability which the paper refuses to face; no matter how many Democratic scandals they blow up on the front page (including today's) while ignoring or making excuses for the Republican state scandals, this county is going to Democratic and WE need to start by reforming the county party. That is the first step to regionalization. So far, most of the plans have been pitched by wealthy business interests who benefit by having to pull a smaller set of strings to suck up all the resources, or by small factions in the GOP looking to put their imprint on a primarily Democratic population. Those will fail. They will also fail if they don't address another very real issue: where regionalization has happened, minorities have lost their voices. This will be a big issue here, where the city of Cleveland is more than half black and we already have issues of segregation in our county government. Until Lillian Greene was appointed recorded last fall and then elected in November, there was ONE black county official (whom the Plainly Republican did their best to try to eject from office, even though he's smart, capable and actively engaged in programs that benefit the least of these, while his opponent was described as "Palinistic" — and that's being charitable). Of course, until Lillian's election, there were NO women, which is equally appalling. People won't accept even more ossified white male leadership, which is all the GOP has to offer.

    With schools, police department, fire fighters, library systems etc all having their own issues, in addition to actual governments, this is a tough issue. Even looking at something as micro as libraries is fraught with problems. We have a county system but 8 municipalities have their own. One, in extremely poor East Cleveland, is talking about a merger now, but doubtless, there are concerns that they will be at the bottom of the barrel, with their poor, almost all black community getting less attention than the wealthy white communities on the west side that are part of the system. Such concerns need to be addressed very specifically  — and having worked for the county library levy this past fall and gotten to know some of the players, I am sure it will be. In other area, perhaps those more male-dominated, ego and control may be issues.

    If we can get all these issues on the table and have frank discussions, then, and only then, can we move forward.

    Rob Portman: He sent your job to China.

    by anastasia p on Thu Mar 26, 2009 at 08:38:08 AM PDT

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