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  •  Obama puts them to shame. (2+ / 0-)
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    Jeff Y, Stranded Wind

    The Murdoch Media and its kin are operating at the chimpanzee-brain level of discourse.  Obama is operating at the neocortex level.  

    When they try to bait him and he comes back with something such as "I like to know what I'm talking about before I speak,"  Americans get it, and side with him.  When the media make stupid accusations, they slide right off him as if Reagan bequeathed him his Teflon.  

    He is refusing to climb down in the muck with them.  He won't play their game.  And in the end the media are going to have to change and get serious or they will not be taken seriously by the public.  

    But while I'm at it, something else too:

    He's holding us up to our own standards.  By which is meant: he is not going to hand us a progressive agenda on a silver platter.  He is going to make us work for it the way he worked for it, with community organizing and discipline and lots of hard work.  And if we're serious and committed, that is exactly what we'll do, and then we will see the results.  

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