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View Diary: Free Food: Foraging, Early Greens Edition (78 comments)

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  •  Too early for it, yet, but purslane is our big (7+ / 0-)

    "crop" around here, as well as dandelions, nettles, fiddle-heads (fern fronds), morels (OMG!)and the like...

     We were sitting near the road last summer, yanking up big handfuls of beautiful purslane, and a neighbor came by, walking her dog.

     "Doing your weeding, I see!"

     "Harvesting dinner" said my husband, cheerfully.

      She stopped. Stared. Her jaw dropped.

    "You're going to EAT THAT STUFF?" she demanded, loudly.

     Rolled her eyes, huffed, and walked on...

     Put another notch in the "We're the Weirdos" reputation. ;-)

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