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View Diary: NBC's David Gregory Says: You're Stupid (74 comments)

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    I can't take it anymore.  Somebody role up a newspaper and smack David Gregory and that female newsreporter on the nose.  Here's the issue:

    1. first no one has told the taxpayer where the billions of taxpayer $ have gone to in the AIG bailout.  She submits that the bailout money goes into a separate pocket (a scheme highly developed and disavowed by charities over 10 years ago)---THERE IS NO SEPARATE POCKET!!!! If you can afford to pay bonuses out of you OTHER pocket pay your own damn fucking losses first.  GIVE THE TAXPAYER THEIR MONEY BACK----FIRST.
    1.  On a daily basis we see the complete lack of any concern that the taxpayer has to tighten their budget, losing their jobs (by bailout companies JP Morgan & others) have not cut top end salaries but have cut lower end workers, that wages have stagnated for the normal worker yet we are the driver for the economy--yet no matter how much we scream they don't get it.  ie. Purchase of new 10million airport and planes or citibank upgrade of lavish offices.  Yet we're "not sacrificing enough".

    3.There is 0 transparency in these deals.  How much have we paid for the TARP admin. costs?  Who has AIG paid out to?  In what countries or through their subsidiaries?  Are hedge funds, banks or other investors being paid for placing bets(cds insurance) on assets they didn't own?  At what rate are they being paid out?  On which assets?

    1.  Has Citi or GS really being buying up cds or other assets at pennies on the dollar because they knew the Feds were going to propose their latest program and make a killing?  Why are people who caused this royal screwup like the Countrywide folks now allowed to profit again on this process?

    We're not stupid--we're deliberately being denied honest information ---truth is if we had it we'ld probably tell them to go jump off a cliff.

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