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    The President does not use his faith to guide public policy even though the church the Obamas belonged to in Chicago was extremely inclusive and sanctioned equal marriage.  You won't see him proclaiming "Appreciation of Jesus Day", which is something Gov. Palin has done in Alaska.

    President Obama won't propose anti-equal marriage constitutional amendments and doesn't support them. Gov. Palin stated during the campaign that this was something that she supported. The only basis for said amendment is ones interpretation of the Bible and all other objections, I think, are just noise.  This is something that Bush Jr. supported too, although I never believed he was very religious to begin with.

    Abstinence and "morals" are 99.9% based on ones faith, and these will not be part of public policy in the Obama Administration (especially since Abstinence doesn't work. Teenagers do whatever they want and have for millenia. Morals are subjective to what the user thinks is moral or not, and again, personal "morals" can't be used to guide public policy.)

    (0.12, -3.33) ONE America! Yes! We really are ONE America!

    by terrypinder on Fri Mar 27, 2009 at 10:44:19 AM PDT

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