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    Jane Lew

    I'm -- at least officially -- Orthodox, my wife being 100% Ukrainian.  I had to convert to be married in the Orthodox Church.

    As for driving in the Gulf, maybe I'm kind of used to it, but there are some things to be said for it.  The roads, for the most part, are superb; main highways are illuminated -- even on long, long stretches between towns -- and most are quite well marked, so long distance driving is not all that bad.  There are hazards, of course, like the odd camel ambling across the road (not usually a problem on divided, limited-access freeways, actually), or unmarked speed bumps in the middle of nowhere, which used to be quite common in the Emirates.  And sometimes trucks, especially ones driven by Indians, Sikhs, or Pakistanis...  They tend to overload their vehicles -- ever see a 2-ton truck loaded with 10+ vertical feet of cargo??  You don't want to have to pass one in a side wind, let me tell ya!

    As for city driving, that's a whole 'nuther ball game...  To do it safely -- well, that's relative -- you have to be aware all of the following:

    1. The locals own the road; you are an impediment to their forward progress.
    1. Turn signals are a useless accessory.
    1. Only I have the right-of-way, regardless of what the cops may say.
    1. Passing on the right or on the shoulder is a given.
    1. Passing on access ramps to freeways is permissible if there's space enough.
    1. You must drive close enough to the vehicle in front so you can read the brand name on the box of Kleenex in the rear window.
    1. If there's a free lane, go for it whether it will disappear in 10 seconds or not. (Note: In my experience, Arabs abhor a (lane) vacuum.)
    1. When parking, always back into the space; driving straight in doesn't allow me to demonstrate my reversing prowess.
    1. If there is no parking space, create one:  park on curbs; park on traffic islands; double-park behind other cars; and if necessary, triple-park.  After all, I am more important than anyone else.

    BTW, Saudi Arabia is MUCH worse...

    •  Rive, Wow! (0+ / 0-)

      I think you need to do a diary about driving in various parts of the world. You have lightened my day. Very enjoyable!

      How do you happen to be in the Gulf?

      I've met several Russian/Ukrainian Orthodox in Greece...very nice folks. One was making a pilgrimage to Patmos after his father's death. Patmos is where John the Divine wrote the book of Revelations... crazy book, nice place.

      If you are ever tempted to go to Greece for Easter, go to the village of Olymbos on Karpathos. It is hard to get to and the schedules are all wrong. Get advice before you go on the best way to get there.

      It is a "real" place that has been in National Geographic, I think, three times. People still wear local dress. On Easter the unmarried women wear their dowries of gold. The Good Friday decoration of the Bier of Christ with flowers is not to be missed. A couple of days after Easter there is a ceremony at the grave yard with food being passed out to all. That night there is a huge party with local music. Everyone dances all night. We missed the party the first time we went due to bad information.

      BTW my daughter-in-law is a Kuban Cossak from Uzbekistan and Siberia. (not one from Kos)

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