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View Diary: Obama vs. Usury?  Why Not? (Updated) (251 comments)

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    Each of my kids had to learn for themselves - even though they saw their parents always pay the balance at the end of the month.  And even though they were no slouches ... physics and computer science degrees ... they each got sucked in to the "free money" syndrome

    They were fortunate - we could help them get out of the hole (once each) - but for others ... it can be a bottomless pit.

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      Out of college, on my own for a few years. I have 1 credit card. I buy a lunch a month, and pay it off. I only really have it for my credit score.

      I workmy credit the way I do because I know I want a new TV, or a new laptop, but the last thing I want it to have something happen and have a horrible monthly payment I can't get around.

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