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View Diary: Anti-Nuclear Power = Pro-Genocide. (352 comments)

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    My hatred of technology and industry?

    Yes. I especially love this quote:

    The problem with assessing the pros and cons of any issue, particularly nuclear power, is that there are zealots on both sides vigorously spinning the truth to fit their agenda. So, it is very difficult to find exactly what is the real truth.

    Very nice how you try to hackishly set yourself up as the "neutral" position by talking about the "zealots" on both sides, so as to deflect attention from your anti-nuclear zealotry. That really is the only kind of zealotry as regards nuclear power, by the way - since it's the only source which allow us provide for our energy needs without cooking the planet, and since we're nearing acute crises in both, insisting that there are pro-nuclear zealots is rather like calling someone with type-1 diabetes a "pro-insulin zealot."

    So yes, by ignoring the irrefutable physics, and by taking your time to express your contempt for nuclear power here, in a diary, and also your disdain for genetically-modified foods in comments elsewhere, are indicative of deep-seated hatred and suspicion of technology. I also picked up this little gem:

    Once again, it boils down to too many people. When will people realize the problem is US and get serious about family planning? What kind of world do you want your kid(s) to live in? Already one cannot hike into many remote areas and enjoy a campfire. It's absurd it has come to this, for US and for the forest and for the broad host of other issues manifested by too many "rats in the box (US)".

    Very enlightening, very enlightening indeed. I'd say you're developing a nice anti-humanist, proto-ecofascist streak quite nicely. Just a course or two in neo-paganism, and you're definitely there.

    Of course, any rational person realizes full well that there's certainly no shortage of anything that's not in our power to resolve. Since it's really an imbalance between supply and demand in physical terms, we can either innovate and build to increase supply, or we can starve people to death to decrease demand. You choose the latter, which gives us quite the insight into your character - or more precisely, lack thereof.

    And also, the bit about how you can't go camping is just a portrait of your psyche that's painted like a masterpiece. See, most people, if they wanted to go camping a lot, would move to a place like, say, Idaho or Montana, where there's absolutely no shortage open spaces. Yet, your solution is culling the herd, getting rid of all the humans you have such contempt for. Very telling, very telling indeed.

    It's obvious to me, piecing all of these things together, that you have a latent fantasy for mass killings. Rather disgusting, really.

    Oh, and as for burying radioactive materials, yes, I stand by my statement. Despite the fact that concern for burying deep underground that which was dug up from deep underground, is totally absurd, and indicates pervasive contempt for all such human industrial activities.

    In the same way, your willingness to raise it as an objection, despite its obvious absurdity, shows a barely-suppressed desire to wipe out all of those nasty black and brown people ASAP, in order to re-establish "balance" with "mother earth" - what I refer to less euphemistically as genocide and global feudalism. You just don't like the terms for marketing purposes; they're exactly what you support, and that's why you're lashing out at me, rather than rebutting me on concrete grounds.

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      You're totally out of your mind and really. . . REALLY. . . need courses in both reading comprehension and logic. I never said anything of the sort about either mass killing or starving people to death. Because I advocate judiscious family planning? Sheeesh.

      I have said that the problem is US. But perhaps I should revise that. . . the real problem is dimwitted dolts like you that are totally inept at using that gray matter between your ears. Go have a chocolate covered donut with Rush Dimbulb, please. You two are made for each other.

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