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    "Allow me the same privilege"? Nobody's denying you the ability to buy a cheap computer.

    It's worth noting that Apple computers aren't really that much more expensive than a similarly specced Dell, HP, or whatever. The big reason they're perceived as "expensive" is that Apple doesn't produce a low-end machine. There's nothing on par with Dell's $300 desktops or a $300 Asus EEE laptop.

    But the $1500 Apples are going to be comparable to a $1400 Dell, give or take a bit depending on sales, product lifecycle variations, etc. (And you get a better OS and physical hardware- touchpad, etc- out of it.)

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      On a straight-up comparison, feature for feature. All your points are well-taken, plus Apple has superior customer support & satisfaction, the software upgrades don't require the hardware to be updated, so my 5 year old laptop runs the current 10.5 handily. And for those folks with intel processors, if Windows are required for work or play, VMare or Parallels allow you to run Windows under OS X.

      But for the tinkers out there, have fun tweeking your peecees. whatever floats your boat.

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      by Mark Centz on Tue Mar 31, 2009 at 01:54:05 PM PDT

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