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  •  Yes I was getting there on that (3+ / 0-)
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    shanikka, Eddie in ME, JesseCW

    but i was focusing on my healing aas first and not on my offensive aas so they didn't help much.  But i had mean mana regen!

    •  My Cleric Main (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Eddie in ME, JesseCW

      Solos light blues easily, blues if I have the patience and I feel like turning on my mercenary tank.  Once I got Level 72 (when you get a badass spell called Vow of Valor, which procs an 800 damage hit AND a self-heal) a Furious Hammer of Zek from one of our favorite PoP Gods (an uber friend soloed him and it was going to rot so he gave it to me LOL) which itself has a 125 DD proc, and Skinspike potions made by my baby shammy, I was virtually unstoppable even though I have yet to put any AA's into offense (since I was a raiding cleric.  And we all know what that means in terms of AA allocations ;))

      •  One of my best RL friends (0+ / 0-)

        was the best damn group cleric ever known to man, but wasn't even part of the CH rotation on guild raids.

        As a warrior, it's nice to have a cleric who cant take some hits when you're doing LDoN with four people and no crowd control :)

        He'd just watch the Necros and stay loose for emergencies in raid...people didn't much mind because everyone wanted to group with him.

        My warrior is all set up for group, too.  He's balanced, does a lot of DPS for a meat shield, but he's mediocre as a raid MT....somewhat lacking in HP even for a 65 (9k unbuffed just aint first tier), despite awesome damage mitigation/resists/AC.

        Skillwise, I like playing an off-tank in raid more anyway.  It's actually a lot more fun to have to be on your toes.

        And, well, I solo my war.  Always have.  I can take light blue and some dark blue as long as I have a really safe place to pull and they don't cast overly nasty spells.

        •  They've Altered the Con System a Little (0+ / 0-)

          So be careful at first.  Light blues now are the equivalent of the old blues, greens the equivalent of the old light blues, and most even con and up are......

          well, they usually hit very hard and fast now;)

          •  The seriously improved melee (0+ / 0-)

            for me as a 65, anyway.

            Raised skillcaps on defense, parry, ripost....I'm chewing stuff up in PoI unbuffed that I used to need at least Temperance to mess with.

            It's fun again :)  and with this computer, which I built to play Vanguard, I can max all the settings so the graphics in most zones actually look all right.

            Norrath is a much prettier place than I remember, all around. :)

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