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View Diary: Markos's Barbaric "Yup" (132 comments)

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  •  I remember drinking from whites only (0+ / 0-)

    water fountains.  Sociology is pretty intractable - until people decide to change it.  Electoral "math" is much the same.

    I also favor electoral reform along the lines you suggest. But I agree with kos and Bowers on this one. At this point the blue dogs are more of a threat to our agenda than are the rethugs.

    Yes, better Democrats... - Kicking against the pricks since '98!

    by chuckvw on Thu Apr 02, 2009 at 03:21:28 PM PDT

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    •  "Electoral math" usually means (1+ / 0-)
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      how you can put together 270+ EVs.  This isn't that.  This is the problem of the party to either side of the median voter taking votes away from the party closer to them on a unidimenstional ideological scale.  That doesn't go away.

      So, Markos: we're supposed to hope Murphy wins in NY-20, but not donate to or work for him? Yup?

      by Seneca Doane on Thu Apr 02, 2009 at 04:14:38 PM PDT

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