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View Diary: How BC04 made better use of its email list (238 comments)

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  •  Very Good Point (4.00)
    I don't know what data K/E '04 has on response rates, but I think they really pushed the fundraising solicitations way beyond the point of dimishing returns.  I more or less quit even opening mail from the campaign once I'd given all that I could afford to give.

    Their real mistake was using it like they use direct mail lists of small donors, except much more frequently, given the lack of printing and postage costs.  I suspect that the people on their email lists tend to be somewhat younger (and more educated/politically spohisticated) than the folks they target with direct mail.  (i.e. I'm not impressed with getting a "personal" email from Joe Lockhart - it's just cheesy...)

    They should have used it more to give their supporters talking points to win over their friends, relatives, etc.

    I'm GregP and I approve this message.

    by GregP on Mon Nov 08, 2004 at 10:36:47 AM PST

    •  talking points! (4.00)
      What a great way to use email... distribute talking points!  There were lots and lots of Kerry supporters, especially in red/purple states, who wanted to argue for Kerry with their more conservative friends, but didn't have the language for it.  

      A pithy summary of talking points (or even a single-issue talking point) would have done wonders for those people.

      I don't want to knock the Internet fundraising too hard, because i think it's a fundamental key to wresting control from the DLC corporatists and putting the party back in the hands of the grassroots. The problem wasn't the fundraising, it was that the Kerry campaign didn't use email for much else.

      The Dean campaign was different that way.  Lots of cool stuff came in email.

      Voters may be stupid, but they're not THAT stup... oh hell, i guess they are.

      by Radical Middle on Mon Nov 08, 2004 at 10:43:58 AM PST

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      •  I got Talking Points in PA (none)
        The Pennsylvania Kerry campaign sent us talking points almost every day.  Guess what...

        They were as complicated and "nuanced" as our canididate.  They weren't so much talking points as they were talking essays.


      •  Agreed, sorta (none)
        I suppose I'm one of the select few who didn't mind the fundraising emails.  Yes, there were a lot of them, but I would donate a small amount about every two or three emails with the feeling that the wealthy RNC was the 800 pound gorilla that we had to fight against.  I have absolutely no regrets about doing so, either.  

        But I agree that better use could have been made of the email campaign and Kos and others here have hit the nail squarely on the head.  

        Talking points (ie., "how to talk to your undecided friends and neighbors") would have been helpful, I suppose.  Lots of good suggestions on this thread.

      •  This is K/E's greatest blunder, bar none (none)
        A pithy summary of talking points (or even a single-issue talking point) would have done wonders for those people.  

        They never had ANY talking points, or soundbites.

        The campaign had a bloody 250+ page PDF, not even a printed and distributed book, full of policy and positions. That's fine. I read it. I was probably one of 20 people, including the proofreaders, who did. I'm a pretty decent communicator and I couldn't summarize it into talkable points with people that much. They never even tried!

        They could not or would not, and certainly did not, distill their message into strong, concise statements that resonated with people, captured the imagination, could be repeated.

        On this morning's NPR, Scott Horsely (sp?), who travelled with Kerry's campaign, said that there was not one talking point or soundbite line from Kerry where he didn't step on the applause, or otherwise play it weakly. In contrast, Don Ganye (sp?) said that every time the President got a new talking point or soundbite, he'd fumble the words a few times then deliver it perfectly.

        Ganye also spoke of the President's burning driven desire to win. Of course he wanted to win. Did anyone ever see that just burning from John Kerry? Nope.

      •  Talking points?! (none)
        I challenge you to name the central campaign theme!

        They didn't start using the phrase "out of touch" until fricking September!


        by DWCG on Mon Nov 08, 2004 at 12:32:47 PM PST

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    •  Clark had a Talking Pts email (none)
      And I think Dean did too.  I believe that was a daily email that was separate from the normal newsletter.  I think there were 2-3 solicitations a week (Dean seemed like everyday) and that was about it.

      I stopped reading the Kerry newsletter months ago.  I mean it just got to the point where I'd just check anything from a campaign and click "Delete Checked."

      I don't mind there being a contribute link at the top and bottom of every email, but geez, you got to give me a reason to want to open the email first.  Tell me about a new feature, good polling numbers, and upcoming events in my area; send me a real letter from the Boss, ENCOURAGE ME TO GO TO THE MEETUP!


      by DWCG on Mon Nov 08, 2004 at 12:26:33 PM PST

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