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View Diary: How BC04 made better use of its email list (238 comments)

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  •  Thank you, Kos (none)
    It's analyses like these that show why Kos is so ahead of the game.  He really takes a look at what happened and how we can change for the future.  Let's hope some people in power hear this message.

    For all the talk of Kerry's "plan", I never heard it.  Can you imagine if he had just sent a succinct summary to his 2,000,000 person database?  Those people could have forwarded it to at least 10 friends each and then 20,000,000 Americans would have gotten Kerry's plan.  They could have read it at there leisure and gotten to know where he stood.

    And again, this shows you how the Republicans always stay on message.  I mean, they do have the luxury of having more money, so maybe they didn't need to send out as many appeals.  But then again, for Kerry and the Dems, people started to turn them off anyway.  I know I did.

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