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  •  Issues? (none)
    Forgive me, but my brain hasn't exactly functioned normally since Nov 3 and I wasn't in a battleground state.

    What were the issues that the Kerry campaign was promoting, that didn't get through via the emails (which I setup a Spam filter for...set to automatic delete)?

    I am asking half seriously and half sarcastically because as a partisan democrat who has followed this election since the day Gore conceeded, I still have no idea what Kerry stands/stood for. OTOH, I know what Bush stands for, even thought I don't agree with any of his positions.

    Ms. Problem meet, Mr. Root.

    Buck | GW Bush >> /dev/null/

    by Espumoso on Mon Nov 08, 2004 at 11:08:16 AM PST

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    •  Yup (4.00)
      I had to really dig to see what Kerry stood for. And I found it, and I liked it. I found by looking at those famous senate votes everyone loved talking about, because as soon as my Republican freinds trotted out Kerry's voting record, I'd nail 'em. I'd nail them with the fact Kerry voted to cut taxes over 300 times. I'd nail them with the fact that Kerry voted against damaging reforms attempted by Reagan and Bush 41.

      But do I expect a country who worries more about the fictional characters on "The O.C" and who will win "Survivor" to actually research Kerry's votes? No, I don't. Once again, we have a Dem candidate who would never talk about what people wanted him to talk about. I like Kerry. But again, I looked into his stance and record. Most people won't. I doubt that most people even know that Bush supports civil unions, or that Kerry voted against big corporations to save jobs in California in the early 90's.

      Point? I think Kerry won the election, and I'll believe until someone decides to "be bothered" enough to actually go and review the vote counts and the machines that counted them. I just don't get the wak acceptance of easily manipulated machines.But, I've been arguing for a war on two fronts,  because I don't think it should be this close.

      The vote should be transparent,and the candidates should be transparent. Well, like Dean or Obama.

      •  couldn't have said it better.... (none)
        That's exactly how I feel.  I was the biggest news nerd there was in this election, I read anything I could get my hands on.  I actually started this election out semi-undecided.  Up until the end of 2003 I was actually a republican. (At least thought I was, I'm only 23 and was just following my Dad.  I also had never voted before, so don't hate me too much...I've seen the light!).  Sometime after Christmas I woke up and started looking at things objectively.  So I wanted to see what Kerry was all about.  So I went to his website, and sites like this.   I kept up with the events of each day.  I knew every issue inside and out.

        That's probably one of the reasons why it was so frustrating to watch the crappy cable news yell shows, and hear people talk about how Kerry hadn't defined himself or his message.  I knew what he stood for, but up until recently, I just hadn't realized that the average joe did not care to know as much as I had learned over the past year.

        Kerry's message was really very incoherant at times.  You had to sit there and analyze what he said at times.  I'm not even sure if he really stood for what I thought he did, maybe I was just hearing what I wanted to.  Bush had a solid simple message that any of his people could easily repeat.  Kerry didn't.  I really wish Kerry had been able to hone his message before August.  

        OH then there's August....grrrrrr.  I can't believe they didn't respond to the swift boat ads sooner.......

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