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  •  A friend who worked inside the K/E campaign says (none)
    the lawyeres are on the ground in ohio and looking at challenges to the thousands of spoiled ballots, questionable voting machines, etc.  Don't give up hope.  But don't get too hopeful either, two big letdowns that close together might be too much;)
    •  Don't give me hope - at all (none)
      because Kerry/Edwards had a nation that could easily have been persuaded by a strong leader who was a viable alternative to Bush, and destroyed our future with their crappy crappy campaign.

      And then they quit on us before the ballots were counted.

      I have NO hope for K/E and if they stumble into office somehow, it will be purely because of the colossal miscalculation of the GOP - and we know the GOP does not let mistakes like that happen.

      •  respectfully disagree (none)
        Kerry didn't run a perfect campaign, lord knows ("Knowing what I know now, I still would have authorized the war resolution.  Did I mention I love pissing on my base?").  Still, the facts were out there plain as day for anybody who wanted to look.  Even if all a voter did was watch the debates (and a good many did), it was pretty obvious that the incumbent was incompetent, in over his head, and petulant to boot.

        Kerry came off as strong, self-assured, a natural leader (this coming from a guy who viewed Kerry as his fourth choice in the primaries) in those debates.  It should've been a knockout blow.

        This election made me question the leadership of the party, sure.  But more than anything else it made me question my faith in US democracy.  Has the electorate simply become too shallow, ignorant, and/or stupid to make even the most glaringly obvious decisions?  Maybe there's no way we could've won.

        Of course, it would've been nice to have had a Howard Dean run.  Even if he'd lost, it would've been nice to have lost on our principles.  As it is, however, I think Bush would've destoryed him.  New England fringe hippie anti-war liberal, that's what the sheep electorate would've bought.  

        (sorry for the downer of a post--you'd think I'd be in better spirits by now)

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