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View Diary: How BC04 made better use of its email list (238 comments)

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  •  yup (none)
    pretty standard practice i am afraid. HRC, Sierra Club, they all do it.  the funny thing is that they sell each other their lists and it goes round and round.  it is pretty refreshing not to have it happen with email.  people get enough spam the last thing they want is an organization they respect and trust passing on their email address.

    p.s. if you dont want an org to sell your name, just make sure your request it when you sign up.  they let you know in the fine print of most mailings if you are a member that there are options out.  it is a simple change to a flag in a database for them.

    •  Ears are burning (none)
      Oh my, not 5 minutes after I posted about the ACLU selling my name, my phone rings and it's the ACLU!!!!
      •  lol (none)
        you can ask to get off their phone list too.  or just tell them to bug you once a year to renew.  oh and a good option is to give once a month, they can gouge you for a fair amount, but you never get renewal notices or phone calls unless they screw up.

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