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View Diary: How BC04 made better use of its email list (238 comments)

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  •  how BC made better use of its e-mail campaign (none)
      I don't fully agree. While I agree with the point that I was incredibly tired of receiveing three e-mails a day asking for more money for not only Kerry but also for a senate majority, I'm not sure that an e-mail voter turnout drive for a candidate who refers to the internet in a plural sense is very effective, in that the republican base isn't nearly as tech saavy as the progressive movement. And let's not beat ourselves up too much over mistakes we made. while we can always learn from the past it's important to remember that in a very short time we redefined the media, reached a bunch of new people, registered and turned out a record number of new voters, and in fact WON the election. Arguments that start by stating "the democrats lost because.." are false from that first premise. We won, they stole, we all lose.    

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