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View Diary: How BC04 made better use of its email list (238 comments)

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  •  Here's a question (none)
    I was on the KE mailing list three times; when I saw they had 2 million email addresses, I mentally rounded down to maybe 1.5 million.  I too just started ignoring them by the end - between them and the phone calls I was getting a little irritated.  But here is a question -- I saw a number of popup ads on the internet with Kerry's name, photo, and facsimile signature, saying "please give money" - when you clicked them, they took you to the DNC online donation page, with the disclaimer at the bottom that this was not sponsored by or endorsed by any candidate.  Huh?  Didn't I just click on Kerry's photo to get here?  Can anybody clarify for me why this is legal?

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