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  •  Block captain (none)
    Isn't this how it was in the days of yore (like, my childhood)?  You were responsible for turning out your block to vote?
    •  yep (none)
      That's why unions were so important (and thus my signature down below). They WERE the democratic party in many areas. So it wasn't just that it was party activists or out-of-state volunteers going door-to-door or phone-banking. It was your friends and co-workers who were out working the neighborhood or who you saw in the union hall. It seems like a sort of parallel has developed with the Christian Right today in how they mobilize their communities.

      I feel like the DNC is always going for the easy,short-term fix rather than working on the real structural changes to party that will results in dominance again. The fact that 20 million very democratic single women don't vote really tells you something about the lack enthusiasm that has developed in the party.

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