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    I canvassed for Kerry in Nevada and we did exactly what you said should be done on election day.  I'm from No. Cal and was so were many of the people who volunteered that day-including the woman in charge.  We could have used the type of local orgnization you describe, but will have to work on building it.  Some work for Harry Reid.

    My other observation, I estimate less than 50% of the people in the neighborhood I canvassed had computers.  This was a working class neighborhood-primarily white and Hispanic. I get a little annoyed with the obsession people like us have with computer based comunication.-there are Dems we need to reach who don't have these resources to the extent we do, and if they do probably don't have the luxury of spending hours each day at them.  My mother is a yellow dog Dem and she will not even use an ATM.

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      Yeah I agree totally. People tend to respond better to personal face-to-face communication anyway. Especially if they know the person is from the neighborhood and isn't out asking for money (like a DNC mailer).

      Another quick point about the 150,000 democrat goal.
      If 150,000 democrats had voted in Tom Delay's district, he'd be out of job in Janurary because he would have lost by 1,000 votes.

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