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View Diary: Morning Feature: Conspiracy Theory 103 - Conspiracies of Convenience (Plus Kossascopes) (178 comments)

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    and the reason they can benefit, no matter what? Maybe it's because they've conspired to control the government via their control of the economy? If the bankers were only trying to do what's best for all, they wouldn't be controlling the one-way flow of money upward, consistently, and be so darned arrogant and 'entitled' to make money no matter how much suffering they, themselves, cause.

    ......such as freezing credit to small businesses who aren't behind on their accounts, and jacking up interest rates on credit cards to make it impossible to pay down the balance, and all monthly payments are interest, thus resulting in debt slavery. Why would they do this if they are providing a legitimate service? Why the need for usury? This merely leads to bankruptcy....and then they demand a government bailout on the principle, even though they've made many times over that in interest......

    They do it because they know they'll win no matter what. Isn't all the evidence of their chicanery that is being revealed now evidence of conspiracy?
    Also, I read somewhere an explanation that their models of risk, which led them to believe that they could get away with what they were doing because the market was 'self-correcting', were based on how things were done within the regulations that had since been repealed and no longer applied. Thus they were creating risk hand over fist, but not revising their risk models to include the new financial landscape. I don't think that was a mere oversight. Some would call it incompetence, to avoid taking responsibility for intentionally perpetrating a fraud. No responsible banker would do that if he didn't expect to be bailed out. And the only way you can assume you'll be bailed out is if you are aware of having the power to assure that you'll be bailed out, because the consequences are so huge. And they know they have all of this power under their control.

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