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  •  You're an idiot; stop jumping to conclusions (1+ / 0-)
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    This was a punk kid with a dishonorable discharge who couldn't legally own a gun and who was living with his mother and grandmother.  He got in a fight with his mom and the cops were called.  You don't make a stand for your gun rights over a domestic call initiated by the person who owns the home you're staying in.

    This idiot is more likely to be a Truther (with regard to 9/11 and Obama's Birth certificate) and an Alex Jones fan than a Fox News fan, but even Alex Jones cautions people against violence, and all the calls to arms are to simply prepare ourselves for the inevitable infringements upon our liberties by the left and the right, and not to simply lash out at cops acting justly in response to a domestic violence call.

    It's just as justifiable for you to blame conservative talk radio for these atrocities as it is for me to accuse you of dancing on the graves of the dead for partisan gain in your desire to silence conservative talk radio and hush criticism of the president.

    •  Nothing good comes from hate speech (0+ / 0-)

      Why defend the right wing hate radio jocks?  Urging people to commit acts of violence can never come to any good.  

      •  Who was urging people to violence? (0+ / 0-)

        I've seen no one actually urging violence, at least not recently, and especially not random acts of violence.  Glenn Beck in particular has fretted that he's afraid that some people are going to snap because of this economy, but he's never encouraged violence.

        I'm not going to perpetuate unsubstantiated accusations that this guy had anything to do with conservative talk radio.  He lost his job, he was a girlfriend abuser, he got a dishonorable discharge during boot camp, and his mom was kicking him out of the house and called the cops to have him escorted out.  I think those factors had much more to do with this than his politics.

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