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  •  Feudalism goes back a long way (1+ / 0-)
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    In the Feudal system in return for sustenence you owe service. The earliest examples I can find  go back to when nomadic pastorialists first began to settle the land.

    In a time when the patriarchs first got their extended families to dig irrigation ditches to water the fields as a service reasoning that water would come to be considered a necessity for sustenence in settled communities and that he who controlled the water would control the land they doled out land to their tenants.

    The landfolks system differs from the seapeoples idea which retains the rules of distribution from the hunters and gatherers. A crew that hunts and gathers together on the seas and takes down scores gets shares.

    In that system of distribution the boat with its captain get full shares while the crew get smaller shares. Each of the crew contribute according to their abilities and receive according to their needs.

    Every since then lugals or "big men" have controlled the lives of luturs or "little men" by controlling their access to sustenence.

    The essence of feudalism is the buy in. You convince the head of the family that you are a good provider and he gives you some territory to control.

    When he lord grants us our daily bread, we might remember that gan-tuš is Sumerian for tenant.

    The tenant gets a ration of ma-na-tur to feed his household. The ma-na-tur is a surface area measure, a little mina = 1/3 shekel = 60 surface še = 720 square fingers; as a volume measure, = 60 še;

    The gan-tuš-tur-ra the little tenant or share cropper a gin tur. The gín-tur is a surface area measure, a little shekel = 1/60 shekel = 1/3600 square nindan (sar) = 3 surface še = 36 square fingers = surface of the side of a cube of 1 sìla capacity.

    I'm not sure where the idea that you have to work for a living developed but I think the distribution where the CEO gets 340 shares to the working man's one got out of whack somewhere.

    Live Free or Die --- Investigate, Incarcerate

    by rktect on Sun Apr 05, 2009 at 06:05:31 AM PDT

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