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View Diary: I grew up in a KKK town (UPDATE 1x) (29 comments)

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    i grew up there. expatyank. well indiana was like that, also. small business people ran the klan. a lot of it was business, you shopped with them. the folks doing the running, well they acted like the klan was just a fraternal group like the elks, etc. and to a certain extent that was true. the klan was just a little more violent. not much difference.     millieneon. my wife is retired union organizer, she laughed about the klan leader that was whisked to texas and became a boss. all of sudden he's anti union. her comment was "well he's supposed to be". he's the bosses boy now. as for "speaks volumes about klan and economics, eh?". sure does. why do we move to rural texas (or indiana) to build our factory? no unions and cheap labor. an anti union factory owner. sounds progressive to me. yep sounds like compassionate conservative to me. not sayin nothin now, just askin, just askin.  

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