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View Diary: The Next Time Someone Cries "Socialism!", Tell Them This (33 comments)

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    We weren't entirely a national economy, except in small pockets, ever in our history.  Consider the role cotton exports played during the pre-Civil War and Civil War eras, or how our efforts to keep open Chinese markets put us on a collision course with Japan before World War II.  After WWII, we important some essential raw materials (like rubber), and a lot of the gold we held at the end of the war was spent for those imports, or for the Marshall Plan and other "global economy" efforts.  Indeed the Cold War was all about trying to create a "global economy" in the face of local movements seeking to nationalize their resources and/or markets.

    I agree, however, that we need to take a long look at what our best possible 21st century economy might be and have a meaningful dialogue between government, labor, science, and business for how best to achieve that.  And we all need to recognize that the "best possible" 21st century economy will not be the "I get whatever I want, whenever I want" of the past decades.

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