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View Diary: VT Gov vetoes Marriage Equality (272 comments)

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    Gay rights laws regarding marriage equality (or the rights that come with marriage-minus-the-word) tend to get passed during a lame duck session of the NJ state legislature.  So the chances of Corzine signing a marriage equality bill won't be diminished should he not win reelection; if anything they'll be slightly strengthened; and I don't think Christie (should he be elected --shudder--) will want to make his first big fight about undoing marriage equality, proving himself to be that much of a social conservative and ruin his "moderate" image as someone who is all about fighting corruption and fighting for the common man.  It's the state senate where we will have a hard time finding the votes to accompany passage (a "flipper" of Vermont... heh, I thought you might appreciate that a bit), but that body is not up for reelection this November, so if we have the votes now, we'll have them after November as well, and this kind of thing fizzles as an issue after not too long in much of the Northeast, at this point.  If a bill passes in the lame duck, and makes it onto Corzine's desk in December or January while he's still in the Gov mansion, he will sign it (as he's stated repeatedly, and again quite recently).  Then hardly anyone will care enough to seek punitive measures against the legislators who voted in favor come 2011.

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