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  •  I defend traditional marriage (3+ / 0-)
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    Bob Love, kamarvt, lgmcp
    I know that I'm playing with fire, especially announcing this on a progressive site like DailyKos, but I fervently defend "traditional marriage".

    Marriage has always been a mechanism in which people of similar culture and ethnic types transfer property from one patriarchical family structure to another.  

    Double points if the bride is under the age of 12!

    All this other crap - gay marriage, people who marry out of love, people of different cultures marrying, women actually having a say in who they marry, laws prohibiting multiple wives and wives of a certain age - that's all "redefinition" of marriage over the last two or three hundred years that has obviously destroyed the very fabric of our society.

    •  Traditional marriage--not all that great (2+ / 0-)
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      kamarvt, JesseCW

      That's what you're really saying here.

      I myself am only a couple of generations removed from arranged marriage. All of my great-grandparents and I believe my father's parents had arranged marriages. And yet I find the concept utterly alien.

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