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    I went to the Henry site. I thought I remembered them but I wanted to be sure.

    They mostly sell lever action rifles, and almost exclusively in 22 caliber.  Gun nuts wouldn't be interested. Unless they like shooting rabbits or plinking cans.

    Back in the day when a lot of people hunted for food, I don't mean Daniel Boone days but in the 30s or 20s or slightly earlier, most people had only a 22 or maybe a shotgun. The bullet is small.

    Also lever actions like they sell are very not cool for gun nuts, don't look scary enough.

    They also have 44 and 44 special sizes which is actually a pistol caliber, the idea is that the bullets can be used in both your rifle and your pistol. The range is very short.

    The lever action is faster than a bolt but much slower than semi auto.

    Lots of wigged out gun nuts buying guns. Henry probably wants to cash in a little too.

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