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View Diary: Guns Going Off All Over the Country (103 comments)

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  •  The paranoia, fear and ignorance of the right... (1+ / 0-)
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    Lefty Mama

    ...wing gun nuts is only exceeded by the paranoia, fear and ignorance of the left wing gun banners as is evidenced by this discussion. Most gun crime in this country is committed by inner city youth who have no constitutional right to own guns NOT right wing gun nuts. Here in Chicago, countless children are gunned down every year by other children who are already in violation of many current gun laws yet the cry is always for even more laws to be ignored. Automatic weapons are not a problem in this country and the ink and angst wasted on that issue is truly astounding. Finally, banning weapons because they look dangerous aka the assault weapons ban is truly stupid public policy. My 12 gauge pump is probably a more horrific weapon than any so called assault weapon. The vast bulk of gun owners in this country are totally responsible and that fact is recognized by the President and the Democratic congressional leadership who have no intention of sacrificing the vital goals of the administration by pursuing a divisive anti-gun agenda. Both extemes on this issue are bound to be disappointed. Good!

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