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View Diary: Morning Feature: Conservatism - The Rubble and the Rabble, Part I (158 comments)

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  •  It is unnerving (8+ / 0-)

    to say the least, that when people in this country are stressed to the max financially, that so many of these right wing commentators are ginning up the rhetoric.  They were truly as nasty when Clinton was President and used every means at their disposal to cripple Clinton's Presidency, which they did to some extent.  However, this is a totally different time when people are losing their life savings, their jobs, their homes, and sadly, for some, their lives.
        Throughout our history there is a strain of aristocracy; the Republican Party used that to divide and conquer by taking advantage of the greed principle.  "If you get rich then you can be one of us" was instilled in the 80's with the explosion of gambling, lotteries, get rich schemes through books and infomercials, and pyramid schemes.  The "Gospel of Wealth" was/is probably the worst...God promising riches if you only believe hard enough.  
         IMO this is the 20% or so of the right wing movement, and some of these people are the most dangerous as they see their dreams of being the "fat cat" slip away.  Add a gun or a couple bottles of the preferred booze to the frenzied radio or television commentary and these people could very well be dangerous to the people around them.  They lose a house, a marriage, a job and another tragedy is in the making.

    •  That's an important point. (6+ / 0-)

      Yes, we've always had fiery political rhetoric, and some dangerously near calling for the murder of our leaders.  (E.g.: "Wanted, Dead or Alive" handbills distributed in Dallas before JFK's visit in 1963.)  We learned from the tragedy in Dallas, and it's now a crime to threaten the life of the president.  We saw a clear difference between criticizing policies and advocating murder.  And that distinction was brought down hard against left-wing groups in the 1960s-70s, many of whom were prosecuted for discussing violent revolution.  Ironically, we've since learned many of the discussions of violence were instigated by FBI infiltrators for the purpose of creating a crime that they could then prosecute to shut down the group.

      Still, to the extent that any political movement rejects the process of democracy and demands that its agenda be achieved through violence, that ought to be seen as suspect and called out as such.  And if the movement takes steps to act on such rhetoric, that is properly a crime and should be prosecuted as such.

      Good morning! ::hugggggggggggggs::

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