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  •  Wow (none)
    I am not a psychoanalyst, so I don't think I'm really the most qualified person to respond to your rant.  I can make the following points, though:

    1. I don't hate Deborah Senn.  As I said up-thread, I voted for her.  I just think Mark Sidran was a better candidate.  I think you are a little light with the word, "hate".

    2. If you really cared about same-sex marriage, then why would you vote for someone who not even a decade ago attacked his opponents as being part of a gay agenda? Someone who has never voted for any pro-gay piece of legislation? Someone who has said on the record that he supports amendments that will ban any benefits of any kind for homosexuals?


    Here we go again:  There is not much difference between Rossi and Gregoire on the issue of gay marriage.  Ron Sims and Ruth Bennett have progressive positions on this.  Christine Gregoire does not.  I can vote for Rossi even though he is opposed to same-sex marriage because there are several other issues facing our state right now.

    3) And yes, I do think the people who voted for Rossi are stupid. I think anyone who votes against their own best interest, votes for a man who hates the environment, who hates gays, and who will push for legislation that will ruin the life of your wife and any children, and you, is stupid. I think anyone who wants to cast a vote that will help establish a dynasty for far-right NAZI politicians in Washington is stupid.

    Rossi is strong on the environment, and I obviously do not view his legislation as a threat to my family.

    Let me try your argument technique for a minute:  You are stupid, JamesB3.  I do not see how you can think the things you think.  I think anyone who thinks what you think is stupid, and a NAZI!!  By not resisting the people who I think are NAZIS, you are a NAZI enabler!  NAZI!  NAZI!  NAZI!

    One more thing:  We have not had a Republican Governor of Washington State in 20 years.  I think you can rest assured, we are some ways away from establishing a NAZI dynasty.

    4) When they come to kill me, you will probably just say, "hey, that's not what my vote was about." Then when they come to kill you, I wonder what you will tell them.

    I will tell them, "Please, don't kill me."  If that doesn't work, then I certainly regret my vote for Rossi in 2004- the vote that ushered in the rise of the murderous jack-booted NAZI Republican dynasty.

    •  I'm glad that you are so amused (none)
      by the pain of people in your state. But if you get your way and Rossi wins, that means that the governor and attorney general will both be very bigoted Republicans. That sets them up for a dynasty in WA (Rossi could serve for decades) in terms of building up a power structure, taking over seats in the state legislature and US Senate and House. Rossi so easily passed muster for you and others -- what's to stop all of you from voting for clones of Rossi who may get rid of Inslee, or Brian Baird, or Adam Smith, or who takes over Dicks' seat when he retires? Or to vote for Nazis who will get rid of Cantwell and then Patty Murray? Do you really want someone who will do what Engler did to Michigan or Pawlenty is trying to do to Minnesota - make it a one-party hate state? Pawlenty was touted as 'moderate'. He fooled people. Now his moderacy involves things like holding rallies on the capitol where protestors demand that gays get the death penalty. Of course, Rossi's not like that, because that's what he says (right before time to get elected).

      If you don't think the GOP has anything in common with the Nazis, then you should go read some David Neiwart. These people are murderers. They are fascists. They want us all dead. You can joke about this now, because you have it easy. You won't be one of the first on the target list of the GOP. Most of us are not so fortunate as you are. Just keep on joking, while the rights of peopel around you are eroded, while progressive value becomes less and less in your state. Smile and laugh while people waste away, while their futures crumble.

    •  Oh, and (none)
      Gregoire and Rossi do NOT have the same position on same-sex marriage. He will lead a charge to ban any benefits for gay couples in the state. Gregoire may oppose same-sex marriage, but she won't do that. It's odd that you claim to be persecuted for supporting same-sex marriage, yet you didn't know that same-sex marriage is going to be a big issue in the state over the next few years, depending on the ruling of the state supreme court, and the legislature is likely to have to vote on some kind of anti-gay amendment. Rossi as governor would be a very effective bully for that amendment.

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