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  •  It's ACORN! It's Wright's Church! It's Soros! (8+ / 0-)

    It's the vegetarians! It's the mafia! It's the trilateralist (Jewish) bankers! It's the Labor unions! It's the Hippies! It's the Masons! It's the water flouridators! It's Earth First! It's the Illuminati!

    Heck, it's KOS the Great and Powerful, before whom Pelosi, Obama and Reid all cower! Kos rules America and must be stopped!

    There is nothing new under the sun.  Fringe Right conspiracy theorists have been around since the dawn of America.

    Seems to me, a primary characteristic of the Fringe Right is that their primary goal, more than sex, more than reproduction, more than accumulating wealth--is to seek out No-Good-Shits so that they can Dump on them.

    The Fringe Right has an anal fixation that only trained Freudians can explain adequately. They are programmed into an us v. them mentality and have an insatiable urge to fling their symbolic dung at perceived enemies, defined as someone not in their own tribe.

    Hence all the self proclaimed "patriots" who claim to love their country while they spend their waking moment hating over two thirds of its inhabitants.

    Hence the obsession with always having to have an enemy to scream about. Hence the tendency to define that enemy, always, as a subhuman creature, whether it be arab terrorists, Mexical illegal immigrants, lazy black folks taking your job through affirmative action, unwashed liberal hippies, snooty useless academics indoctrinating your kids to hate America, promiscuous pedophilic gays after your children, business-hating environmentalists, Angry, ugly, castrating man-hating women, Democratic politicians determined to get everyone economically dependent on welfare so that they can rule everyone with an iron fist, or Jews who control all the money in the world and who sacrifice Christian babies in their secret zionist rituals. All of that hatred is geared toward their overwhelming urge to seek out No-Good-Shits and Dump on them.

    During the Cold War, their urge was satisfied easily. It was all the fault of the dirty Russian Communists and their sympathizers in America.  After 1991, the Fringe Right literally had a nervous breakdown. Without dirty Russian communists to hate, they had no identity of their own. It was their desperate search for an enemy that led them to be responsive to the Newtist movement just a few years later.

    Note also that their paranoia leads them not only to turn ACORN and other minor liberal organizations into overwhelming straw tyrants who must be stopped, but to inflate the value of their own most minor and innocuous groups. Hence their belief that liberals are terrified of their planned teabagging protests, or that liberals have a sinister plan to infiltrate the Boy Scouts.

    "Joe The Cop Killer" for Republican Presidential Nominee. A REAL Conservative, fighting for the American Dream!

    by AdmiralNaismith on Sun Apr 12, 2009 at 10:47:41 AM PDT

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