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View Diary: Plastic Island: Twice the Size of Texas & Growing (298 comments)

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  •  Great info - thanks (0+ / 0-)

    I watched most of the videos on the site.

    If any of the sailors or video producers are reading here -- they should cut the self-absorbed junk out of those videos and they would make an excellent expose.  Unfortunately, I can't show the videos to my Mom etc. (too many f-bombs) so the viewership will be limited.  A nice, one-part G-rated version might get you into schools and you could make a big impact there.

    And I kept looking for the pile of drink bottles -but never saw them.  Then I read a couple diary comments and discovered that the top images are somewhere else entirely, they aren't out at sea.

    So my review of your diary is mixed -- some great stuff, but... misleading photos and poor vbs video.

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