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View Diary: George Galloway in California proposes U.S. Gaza aid convoy (41 comments)

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  •  As a great person once said... (6+ / 0-)

    Israel is the largest American off shore base in the world. As offensive that may sound to Israelis or Jews, I honestly believe that it's true.

    There are 100s of diaries blaming AIPAC on DailyKos almost every week. Not that they don't have a share in the blame. There's a whole lot of wicked players involved in this that we'd all like to think. It's very easy to blame 'Teh Lobby'...they aren't even one of the stronger lobbies in Washington.

    As elishastephens put it, apart from the AIPAC crowd, there's a huge part of the American elite that would like the status quo to remain the way it is.

    On of the better things that I've appreciated from this Obama presidency so far is that he's taking the fight to them, as agonizingly slow and obvious as it may appear to be.

    •  But the "status quo" (6+ / 0-)

      means denial or deferral of self determination for millions of Palestinians.  

      Those who hear not the music-think the dancers mad

      by Eiron on Fri Apr 10, 2009 at 01:52:16 PM PDT

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    •  i think aipac et. al. do make a difference. (3+ / 0-)
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      elliott, Lefty Coaster, Terra Mystica

      we have congresspeople meeting with the Castro's, and dozens calling for an end to the embargo, we don't have congresspeople calling for an end to military aid to israel. we've had congresspeople call for an end to military aid to the Colombian death squads, we have nothing like that to stop the Israeli death squads.

      We had a Voice Vote in the Senate approving of the Israel's slaughter of Gazan children, and NOT one senator say that it was a crime or even that the attack on gaza was a mistake. (although even John Kerry, an avid supporter of war in Iraq and Gaza, was left to wonder out loud why Israel was banning Lentils from Gaza civilians.)

      yes, it may be that the ruling elite have their uses for Israel, but every where else we see at least some token opposition in congress. Not so with support of Israel.

      and don't underestimate the power of their contributions. it does not begin and end with PAC's that have the sole purpose of supporting US support for Israel (which is not all that much). But also included very wealthy individuals.

      for example, Haim Saban has at one time held the record for the largest individual contribution to the Democratic Party. As he himself has said, his only issue is supporting Israeli policies. you could imagine the leadership of the party looking down on anyone who would offend their largest contributors.

      Why Palestine? Because it is a just cause, a noble ideal, a moral quest for equality and human rights. Edward Said

      by Tom J on Fri Apr 10, 2009 at 03:13:52 PM PDT

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