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    Our government is supposed to be set up to where if a law doesn't work, it needs to be changed

    Great, let's change the law and either require a biometrically encoded Social Security card which must be presented when applying for a job, such that USC 8 1324 can be enforced against those who hire illegal immigrants, or do away with the 'knowingly' clause of USC 8 1324. Also let's stop pretending that I-9 law doesn't exist, that it wasn't created specifically in 1986 to prosecute illegal immigrants who fraudulently applied for work in the U.S.

    While we're at it, let's change the law to make a violation of USC 18 1546 a felony with mandatory jail time for the first offense.

    The fault of the laws as they are now is that they don't address the fairly recent societal changes where there is a large need for immigrant workers in this country as well as an equally large population of people from the South who migrate to the North.

    What came first, the ubiquitous Del Taco every quarter mile in southern CA, or the eruption of the illegal immigrant population in the U.S.?

    These people would much rather cross the border legally if this were not such a legnthy and unfair process.

    Look at the immigration statistics. Where are the most legal immigrants granted LPR in the U.S. from? Where have the majorities been coming from for the past twenty years? Where does Pew estimate the majority of illegal immigrants are from?

    Beyond this, you call the process 'unfair', and to an extent I agree. Immigration policy in the U.S. has been skewed towards family reunification over skills since 1965. During the debate in 2007 there was an attempt made to balance the priority more towards needed skills. Guess what the response of the Democrats and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus was?

    Do you really think this law is really protecting you from some kind of cultural takeover?

    One of the most valuable things I learned in the military was 'assumption is the mother of a fuck up'. My neighbors are illegal immigrants, and they have been for years ... are yours?

    Why do you oppose a law which provides legal means for immigrants to come to our country where their labor is obviously needed?

    A source of every cheaper labor is what is neeeded. I will refer you to my comment regarding the Del Tacos, the El Pollo Locos, etc. on virtually every corner in Southern CA. Do you think that these places would exist if they couldn't buy their beef for .79 a pound from processors who hire illegal immigrants? Do you think they would exist if they couldn't pay their staff minimum wage? Do you think they would exist if they couldn't sell a bean burrito for sixty-nine cents? How do you think they are able to sell that bean burrito for sixty-nine cents in the first place?

    <div style="font-size:10px;text-align:center;background-color:#ffd;color:#f33">If the terriers and bariffs are torn down, this economy will grow - G. Bush

    by superscalar on Mon Apr 13, 2009 at 11:24:06 AM PDT

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      the law should be. If you agree that the current law is unfair, then we are in agreement that it should change. That is the main point. I can admit that I assumed your reasons for opposing immigration was xenophobic. I could be wrong about your position although the way you disdainfully talk about cheap burritos makes me wonder. The demand for cheap labor is the result of capitalism. If our society wishes to stay competitive, then the laws must adapt to the market, which they obviously haven't since 1986, even though Bush said he would do something about this issue. He spent all that time and money trying to build a wall and yet we are still very far away from proper Immigration Reform. All the Immigrants wanted to do was come here and build burritos, houses, or whatever, so they and their family can survive. I tell you one thing, I live in Brooklyn, and you can't find any cheap burritos around here; and you're complaining about it?

      "cuz I can be your daddy be your rock an rolla, and you can be my sugar be my cherry cola!"

      by The Return Of G0nzo on Mon Apr 13, 2009 at 11:40:27 AM PDT

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