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  •  macro evolution is pure nonsense. n/t (0+ / 0-)
    •  New study suggests it's bunk. (0+ / 0-)

      New Work on Lateral Transfer Shows that Darwin was Wrong

      A new study into the transfer of genetic material laterally, or across taxonomic divisions, has shown that evolution does not proceed as Darwin thought, and that in fact the present theory of evolution is entirely false. Instead, it transpires that lateral genetic transfer makes new species much more like Empedocles' "random monster" theory over 2000 years ago had predicted.

      Article:  science blogs via a post on the JCWB web board

      A summary of this work will soon be found in the cover story of the April 1 issue of New Scientist. It looks to revolutionise modern biology in ways that can only be imagined.


      Rillful, A. P., Metonym, P., Hebe, P., Samsa, G., et al., 2009. "A new theory of evolution based upon the ubiquity of lateral genetic transfer". J. Evol. Div. 23 (2):69-136.

      •  It's a joke (0+ / 0-)

        Not sure if you are continuing it or not (my apologies if you are).

        John Wilkins appears to have made it up as an April Fools joke and posted it on his blog.

        Note the journal titles Journal of Evolutionary Diversions

        Authors are from the University of Munschausen

        Lateral gene transfer is real and is important in microbial evolution but this is a fake.

        •  ahh. No, I lifted it off a webboard (0+ / 0-)

          I frequent. I know the poster (by his postings there), and there was no indication that it was a joke, so it's likely he missed it as well.
          Still, I believe it to be bunk. Doesn't make a lick of sense. The "monster theory" makes more sense.

          •  And a major reason is the lowly (0+ / 0-)

            alligator. Looks the same as it did a million years ago. One would think it would look better by now, but hasn't changed a bit. Has it maxxed out it's evolutionary potential?? Come to think of it most everything looks the same as it did a million years ago. hmmm...

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