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  •  Trix! Reminds me of a bad joke (0+ / 0-)

    Once upon a time, there was a village of little tiny people called Trids. They lived at the foot of a mountain. On the top of the mountain lived a giant.

    Once a year, all the young Trid men would run up the mountain and try to capture it, but the giant would kick them all back down the mountain like little kickballs.

    Then one year, a wandering rabbi came through the village. The little Trids told them of their annual quest to take the mountain. He was so moved by their story, he decided to join them.

    The rabbi and the Trids all ran up the mountain, and the giant kicked all the Trids back down, but not the rabbi.

    The rabbi looked up at the giant, and said, "Giant, I have joined these people in their fight, and yet you have not kicked me. I am of them; why have you spared me?"

    The giant shook his head. "Silly rabbi. Kicks are for Trids."

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