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View Diary: Timothy McVeigh, the Radical Right and Glenn Beck (391 comments)

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    of right-wingers to the Obama administration's handling of the pirate situation, can you imagine what they would say if something like 911 happened during Obama's term? I think they would be calling for his impeachment. When the actual 911 happened, GWB's approval ratings went sky high. Everyone rallied around him. The only people who blamed him for it were fringe radicals, as many on the extreme right blamed him as on the extreme left. This in spite of the fact that the attack actually occured during his term, and the evidence that Bush actually ignored U.S. intelligence that indicated Al-Qaeda was planning to strike the U.S.

    There is no way the right-wing "teabagger" radicals would rally around Obama if another 911 happened during his term under similar circumstances as the first 911. They would be calling for his impeachment.

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