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  •  "premature escalation of tactics" (0+ / 0-)

    We had two stolen elections (Y2K and 2004), a Supreme Court that was in supreme cahoots, a Congress that was muzzled, and media that were fawning.  

    By the 2nd such election, it would have been arguable to go into revolt mode.


    Cooler heads prevailed.  We made enough progress in the 2006 election to put the brakes on the Regime via Congress.  And then came 2008, and here we are today.

    The hot-headedness of 1960s radicals arguably contributed to Nixon's victories in 1968 and 1972.  Thereby also launching quite a few careers that came to a head under Bush.  

    Sorry folks, but history shows that the 1960s revolutionaries were an epic failure.  If cooler heads had prevailed in those days, we would not have ended up with two terms for Nixon, eight years of Reagan, four years of Bush I, and eight years of Bush2, total of 28 years of Republican rule compared to 12 years of Democratic rule between 1968 and today.  Those numbers: 28 years to 12 years:  prove the point beyond any reasonable doubt.  

    •  Your comment is both true and beside the point. (0+ / 0-)

      This thread began with

      Look back to the '70's--we had the Radical (sort of ) Left groups that set off bombs and partook of other anti social behaviour. The worm has fully turned now and we can expect a whole mess of trouble from another group of social misfits. This time from the right.

      My comment was that this was an unfair comparison. I agree the 60's and 70's unrest scared voters and the older segments of the population into supporting the right wing of the political spectrum. It's possible that the half-hearted attempts at revolution by the few were counter productive however if there had been a real revolution at that time it's also possible we would have avoided the spoiling of our land by big oil and giant corporations, would have turned to alternative energy long ago and stopped global warming in it's tracks. We could have turned into a sustainable economy.  It's possible we would have saved democracy and taken money out of the political process.  These were all things those revolutionaries championed.  So you could say that history shows when you know your country is headed down the wrong track, don't hold back but engage in revolution fully. Devote yourself to it and the pain you cause will be a small thing in comparison to pain that will come without it. That is the lesson learned by successful revolutions.

      •  the probability of... (0+ / 0-)

        ...getting the masses to revolt in, say, 1968, was about zero.  For most of America, times were good, and for oppressed minorities, civil rights were now written into the law so the future looked better.  

        As for the outcome of said revolution:

        I was a little kid when Woodstock happened.  I saw footage on the news on TV.  What I saw was a bunch of people zombied-out on drugs and sleeping amidst piles of garbage.  Piles of garbage!  

        And I thought, My God! these people don't even understand basic sanitation!   If they ever take over, it'll be the end!  

        Some utopia that would have been.  Let's all eat dirty food and come down with dysentery.  Bleh.    

        •  Well, I didn't think the time was right (0+ / 0-)

          for revolution back then either. On the other hand, the disruption caused by the anti war portions of the population did eventually lead to the ending of a stupid, wasteful war. To judge people by footage you saw at an open air rock concert which attracted many more people than the promoters expected is a little bity crazy. The people there understood santitation, they just had no control over it. It's true hippies used more illegal drugs than the rest of society. I've seen drunks at soccer matches do way more stupid and distructive things than hippies did at Woodstock but I would never call soccer fans assholes based on that. And by the way, they didn't take over, the people who were running things kept ruling and by all appearances, it is the end. We are headed for ecological doom. Wake up.

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